HEX HALL by Rachel Hawkins ~ My Review

I snagged Hex Hall when it was free on Kindle Unlimited and I am sure glad I did.  I was drawn in pretty quickly as it is a light read and hit the spot after some heavier reads I just completed. I was hesitant because a lot of YA fantasy seems the same but this book really validated YA fantasy again for me.

Sophie is a witch but she is not in control of her powers so when she messed up at Prom and her human classmates were exposed she landed herself in Hecate Hall, or Hex Hall, a reform school for magical beings including shapeshifters, weres, faires, demons and newly admitted, vampires. There are the traditional bullies, popular kids, school dances, bitchiness, hot guys and crushes mixed with magical powers, vampire accusations, and demons on the loose.

Sophie, herself, is a witty, fun. laugh out-loud character. Her “sentence” time at Hex Hall is filled with surprises, plenty of action, and some twists and turns I didn’t anticipate. The battles between witches are full of excitement, there is a good build up around the mystery of the school, and the author does a nice job with creating a variety of different characters with distinctive voices.

I especially loved Jenna, Sophie’s roommate, who is a quirky and cynical vampire. She quickly becomes Sophie’s BFF. I am looking forward to the development of this bond in the future series. And Archer, what can I say about the book’s stereotypical bad boy except he is HOT….I definitely would be attracted to him at Hex Hall.


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