A LEGACY WITCH by Ashley McLeo ~ ARC review

Shadowhunters Meets Hogwarts! I guarantee if you are either a Cassandra Clare or Harry Potter fan (or both!) you will fall in love with A Legacy Witch. (Spellcasters Spy Academy Book 1)

Odette Dane is a witch who has wanted to attend Spellcaster Academy since as long as she can remember. The only problem is that her parents, the infamous Dane’s, who graduated from the Academy, wanted her to lead a normal life so they didn’t allow her to use her magic much. However that is not stopping Odette (or Odie) from following her dream. As their daughter she is know as a Legacy Witch and is guaranteed a spot based on that alone. Spellcaster graduates go on to eventually spy for the PIA, the Paranormal Intelligence Agency, and that is Odie’s dream.

As soon as Odette steps foot inside the hallowed halls the intrigue, secrets, bullying, romance, friendships and adventures begin. (Everything you expect in school, right?) Since Odette’s magic is rusty and basically non-existent, her academics start of poorly and she finds herself at the bottom of her class. In addition, many of her fellow classmates despise and ridicule her for getting admitted as a Legacy instead of “testing in.”

When it seems as though Odette will have nothing but struggles she meets her suite mate, Evanora (Eva) Proctor and they become fast friends, BFF’s you might say. Hunter Wardell, Eva’s crush, befriends Odette as well and they always have her back, often helping with her magic and trying to find the answers to the questions Odette is seeking. Eventually Hunter’s HOT cousin Alex, who captured Odie’s eye from the beginning, has a change of heart towards her.

Not only are the students enrolled in classes such as Basics of Demonology, and Battle Magic, they are in Physical Conditioning strengthening themselves and thier magic for thier upcoming first year trials, in the hopes of passing and not being culled. As they are focused on their studies everything takes a turn for the worse as their classmates begin showing up dead.

Can they learn fast enough to pass the trials? Can they figure out the reason for their classmate’s deaths? Will Odette’s magic ever be enough or will she be among the culled?

I honestly devoured this book as I fell in love with all the characters, the outstanding storyline, the plot twists, not to mention Spellcaster Academy itself! If you love vampires, demons, faes, adventures, deaths, love stories and want to be transported into their magical world I highly recommend this book! I am already anxiously awaiting book #2 A Rebel Witch.

I was given the incredible opportunity to receive an ARC of this book for an honest review.


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