CURSES and CROWNS by L. Danvers ~ ARC review

This book started off strong for me with a plot that really pulled me in. Danielle has been taken from her home at an early age to become a blood slave for vampires in a kingdom that is protected with witch spells. HELLO?! You had me at blood slave! She was miserable and sick and tired of almost dying when vampires fed on her a little too long so she was stashing the money she was making and planning an escape. However Danielle’s escape plan is never executed because she becomes one of the chosen to vie for Prince Aiden’s heart therefore becoming his Queen, or dying in the process. A plot devised by Aiden’s scheming brother Julian.

At this point, the story line becomes all too familiar to me. With an evil brother Julian, can we say Damon Salvatore or perhaps even Klaus, as he is a werewolf, and a brother with “vampire morals” who only drinks artificial blood. Sounds like Stefan Salvatore to me, and a girl who is conflicted about her feelings for both. Just like The Originals the author throws in other siblings in the mix who aren’t quite developed. Tell me more about their dynamic in the family.

The story quickly declines into very little character development as there is a very quick antagonist introduced, Bianca a vampire who has been in love with Aiden and is not interested in him finding a human Queen, followed by an even quicker battle between the characters complete with Bianca’s hybrids and witches. Witches? Tell me more…do they just ward the Kingdom, can they control the werewolves?
In addition the love triangle was instant, but I would have preferred the characters to be built up more before falling for each other. It’s hard to be team anybody when you don’t have a connection to the characters.

I think there are some great ideas here, again blood slaves and arranged vampire marriages, two things we have never seen before in this genre of vampires and werewolves. And the Kingdom of Crescent Cape….there is so much potential for background history here that is not included. I hope the author is able to slow down, fill in the details and provide better character development in the remaining series as it has the bones to be spectacular.


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