THE RECKLESS OATH WE MADE by Bryn Greenwood ~ My Review

This is my first Bryn Greenwood book. I have never read All the Ugly and Wonderful Things so my review might be different from others that were comparing her book books which I have come to understand are very different.

As an English Lit major I absolutely adored this book and loved the multiple POV’s, Middle English vernacular and very real issues that impact each and every character. Issues such as drugs, codependent relationships, poverty, hoarding and mental illness (hearing voices.) All the characters have flaws and to me that makes them more relate-able. I don’t always want a polished hero or heroine.

This book is slow moving but the depth of characters and the peek into the expanse of issues and how they alter the trajectories of the characters lives requires a slower pace. In my opinion this is what made the book most compelling aside from the Middle English dialogue.

Who knew a romance would make you consider things like:

How much your childhood affects your life….
How much your parents play a role in your ability to cope or not to cope…
Why are we loyal to those that don’t deserve it, yet step all over those that do….
How often we judge others without knowing any of their history…

I think for most readers out there you are either going to 100% love this book or 100% DNF it. There is no in between and that makes Bryn Greenwood an amazing author in my eyes.


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