STALKING JACK THE RIPPER~ by Kerri Maniscalco My Review

I loved and connected immediately with the MC Audrey Rose as she is strong, independent and not one bit concerned with being a proper lady of her time. She was drawn to and more interested in (male) past times like (gasp!) Science, specifically autopsies, than needlework, tea and finding a suitor. When she was skipping tea she was either attending her Uncles classes disguised as a boy or cutting up dead bodies in her Uncle’s lab.

“There’s nothing better than a little danger dashed with some violence.”

SJtR was gruesome, detailed, macabre and fascinating. The story line itself was eerie and jumps off the page and engulfs you. The forensic detail Kerri Maniscalco included is amazing and perfectly balanced with the slow burn romance between Audrey Rose and the insufferable Thomas Cresswell, her class nemesis and partner in her Uncle’s lab. Confession: I did acquire quite the crush on Thomas along with Audrey.

The history of the original Jack the Ripper combined with the author’s anatomical descriptions of the grotesque murders and murder scenes along with the perfectly placed photos at the beginning of some chapters kept me drawn into this dark gray bleary world where the only color seemed to be red, blood red. I only have one small complaint, and that is it did drag a tiny bit in some places but overall it was a great kick off to my October reads.



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