THE TURN OF THE KEY by Ruth Ware ~ My Review

I’ve been reading a lot of creepy spooky thrillers this month as it is October and most of them I would classify as mild thrillers, but not this one! This book definitely has a CREEPY factor and did not disappoint!

The story is told through letters written by the accused as she sits in a Scottish prison awaiting trial. She presents the history of her nanny position from the first advert she saw all the way through the dark, mysterious, haunted days of her actual employment as Rowan Cain, nanny for a wealthy family. Rowan literally had no idea she was stepping into a living nightmare.

While I didn’t connect much with Rowan I didn’t dislike her either and I did admire her strength to get to the bottom of the continuing ordeal she finds herself immersed in.

The story was well written, definitely accomplished the creepy factor and kept me turning the pages. However, there were two decent twists in the story but they weren’t overly surprising and to me the end seemed to wrap up too fast and left me wanting more with many unanswered questions, therefore the four star rating.


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