Book Tag Thurdsay: Pumpkin Book Tag

I found this tag via Life of a Female Bibliophile and thought I’d join in. If you don’t follow her already, go do so. She has an amazing blog! I hope you’ll join in as this is a fun autumn tag! Make sure to link your post back to me so I can see all your answers too.

Orignial Creator: LiteraryGladiators

Pumpkin – A writer you always make a point to read in October

I really don’t have a particular writer. I love to read thrillers and mysteries in October with a witchy book or two.

Pumpkin Spice – A work you would read to impress a millennial

I’m definitely clueless on this answer! I don’t know what it takes to impress a millennial.

Pumpkin Pie – A work that makes you think of autumn

Every autumn, all through high school, they’ve worked together at the best pumpkin patch in the whole wide world. (Not many people know that the best pumpkin patch in the whole wide world is in Omaha, Nebraska, but it definitely is.) They say good-bye every Halloween, and they’re reunited every September 1.

But this Halloween is different—Josiah and Deja are finally seniors, and this is their last season at the pumpkin patch. Their last shift together. Their last good-bye.

Pumpkin Cheesecake – A work that was challenging to read, but was a rewarding experience

Girl with a Pearl Earring is a 1999 historical novel written by Tracy Chevalier. Set in 17th century Delft, Holland, the novel was inspired by Delft school painter Johannes Vermeer’s painting Girl with a Pearl Earring.

This was a book club pick and I never would have read it otherwise but it turned out to be quite fascinating.

Pumpkin Bread – An underrated work from a well-known writer

I absolutely loved this book but it only gets an average 3.85 rating. I can’t wait for the sequel, Girls of Storm and Shadow to be released November 5, 2019. ( I already picked this before I re-read the well known writer part…oh well!)

Pumpkin Soup – A work that you first enjoyed, but then lost interest

I know! I know! Don’t hate me! I LOVED the Shadow and Bone triology but I got to page 186 and just lost interest. Maybe I’ll pick it back up in December?

Pumpkin Doughnut – A light, five-star read

The women of the Waverley family — whether they like it or not — are heirs to an unusual legacy, one that grows in a fenced plot behind their Queen Anne home on Pendland Street in Bascom, North Carolina. There, an apple tree bearing fruit of magical properties looms over a garden filled with herbs and edible flowers that possess the power to affect in curious ways anyone who eats them.

I loved the simple magic of this book and the relationship between sisters.

Pumpkin Picking – Within the last year, in which genre did you purchase the most books?

Definitely fantasy, and thriller.

Pumpkin Carving – A work that could have been trimmed down

That is hard for me to answer because I LOVE LONG books!

Pumpkin Painting – A book with magnificent illustrations

The Lion and the Mouse by Jerry Pinkney

Pumpkin Ice Cream – The most random work you would recommend

Sugar Maple looks like any Vermont town, but it’s inhabited with warlocks, sprites, vampires, witches and an ancient secret. And Chloe Hobbs, owner of Sticks & String, a popular knitting shop, has a big secret too. She’s a sorcerer’s daughter in search of Mr. Right and she’s found him in Luke MacKenzie, a cop investigating Sugar Maple’s very first murder. Bad news is he’s 100% human, which could spell disaster for a normal future with a paranormal woman like her.

This was one of the most magical, light, and funny series I have read.

What is your favorite way to enjoy pumpkin/what is your favorite dish where pumpkin is the main ingredient?

My grandma’s homemade pumpkin bread. It is THE moistest pumpkin bread ever!

Pumpkin Patch – Who do you tag?



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