DON’T TURN AROUND by Jessica Barry #bookreview

Don’t Turn Around by Jessica Barry

Publisher: Harper Collins

Published: June 16, 2020


322 miles of road. 6 hours. 2 strangers. 1 killer. Too many secrets.

Midnight. Cait Monaghan and Rebecca McRae are on a desolate road that slices through the New Mexican desert. They’ve never met before tonight.  Both have secrets to protect. Both of their lives are in danger.  

When a truck pulls up fast behind them, they assume it’s punk teenagers or run-of-the-mill road rage, but it soon becomes clear that whoever is driving the truck is hunting them for sport―and they are out to draw blood.  

As the miles unspool and the dangers mount, the pasts they’ve worked so hard to keep buried have come back to haunt them.  Someone wants one of them dead. But which one?  And given the lives the two women have been leading, that someone could be almost anyone.

If Cait and Rebecca are going to survive, they’ll have to learn to trust one another―and themselves. But trust is a costly business, and they’ve both paid the price before. . . .

My Thoughts

This was a fast, as in I read it in one day, thriller that sucked me in from the prologue.

Two women riding alone in a Jeep in the middle of nowhere when out of the blue headlights appear and their lives become endangered. This book is creepy, and will make you not want to drive on a deserted road alone at night ever!

I enjoyed how the dynamics between Cait and Rebecca changed as the miles went by and especially how being in danger together impacts a relationship. It definitely makes you ponder what you would do if someone was tailing you trying to kill you and how much faith you would put into your passenger, until now, was a complete stranger.

The book does take a 360° turn at the end from thriller to drama and covers a very controversial issue. This made me feel like the thriller aspect was a cover for what the author really wanted to write about and left me feeling disjointed and a bit disappointed in that the book wasn’t a thriller through and through.

Thank you Harper Collins for my gifted copy. All opinions are my own.

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